Kay’s Corner: Life Updates

Hello Everybody! It’s been a while. I’ve been writing this post over and over again because I just couldn’t figure out how to start. I tried thinking about what would be a good hook to make my life seem more exciting and interesting, but then I realized that I should stick with the platform my mom and I try to uphold: realness. So, with that, HELLO!!!! I’m writing to you all today with updates on my crazy, college life. (It’s not that crazy, only on weekends ;))


First off, I finished my first quarter at UCD! (queue confetti on screen) It was probably the best experience of my life. I have fallen in love with this place. From the late-night warm chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa, to the dorm life of a 24/7 sleepover with your closest friends, to the coho days and sun rays on the quad; Davis is my haven. I’ve found that my happiness stems from the wholesome people I’m surrounded by, and the endless opportunities that seem to fill this school. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

I just survived midterm season #3, scarred and traumatized yes, but alive and happy at the end of it. Currently, I am taking my hardest schedule yet- I call it the trifecta of death: Math, Chem and Bio (with a theatre class thrown in there). So my inactiveness has a lot to do with the schedule I am taking on. Something that I have noticed this past month, starting off the new year,  is the immense feeling of gratitude I have to be here, at this amazing university. I’ve found so many reasons to be thankful specifically in this past month for some reason. Maybe it’s because I know I’m halfway done with my first year of college, and this dorm life is going to be just a memory I talk about fondly for the rest of my life. I’ve started this thing where I write something that made my day, or something I’m thankful for on my monthly calendar. Just so I see everyday there is something good that happens. Some of you should try it with me, and see what it is you all write down. #Blessingsonblessings

You all know that I recently joined Camp Kesem as a camp counselor (THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO DONATED IT MEANS SO MUCH), but I wanted to talk  about something that struck me during my first training session. As camp counselor, we are there to be role models. We are there to be supportive, enthusiastic, excited, and confident. We are there to be LEADERS. And in our first training session we were asked to raise our hands if we believe that we are leaders. I didn’t raise my hand, but a lot of people in the room did. This really made me think about why I didn’t raise my hand. I have taught many times, I’m a role model for the kids in my family, my siblings- I have never been one to shy away from leadership. But when asked head on, if I was a leader, I couldn’t bring myself to say yes. I should’ve. Next time, I will. I think it’s important to give yourself the credit where it’s due. I’m learning that you can stay humble, yet be confident at the same time.

In my crazy, college life thus far, I have learned a lot. Even though I am still young, here’s some of the life advice I’ve learned while being here:

  1. Be selfish. Take all the time in the world to invest in yourself, and cherish the moments in your life. Ever since I turned 16, life has been moving very fast, and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t slow down. (I’m apartment hunting now for god sakes).
  2. Own up to your mistakes. Don’t let pride stop you from fixing things or apologizing; humility is good for you.
  3. Take note of every time you find yourself laughing. It’s good to know that you will always laugh or smile more times than you will cry.
  4. Know you’re worth. Know what you stand for. Be fierce in getting what you want.
  5. There are no shortcuts.
  6. Squirrels are suicidal. They run in front of your bikes, and even if you swerve, they follow your wheels. Beware.
  7. Do NOT eat more than 4 fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies in one sitting. You will always regret it even if you think, “This time will be different”.
  8. Longboards are not invincible. A piece of bark can ruin your day. (And your knees).
  9. Chase passion. You will never regret it.
  10. It’s all about the little victories. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they aren’t still victories.
  11. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life should be fun, so let it be.


Overall, in my first quarter at Davis I managed to:

  • Join Kappa Kappa Gamma (I’m currently on the Academic Excellence committee and a coach for ArrowJam2018- a dance competition between the Greek Life organizations on campus. @ Las Lomas Students think MockRock on a mass scale)
  • Join Camp Kesem as a counselor
  • Start a path towards becoming a learning assistant next year for chemistry
  • Start a theatre path to be in the Theatre festival this summer at Davie 🙂
  • Fall off my bike ONLY TWICE
  • Spend $200 of Aggie cash on coffee alone
  • Get sick a multitude of times from the dorms
  • Make amazing friendships that will last
  • Conclude that Crepeville has THE best pancakes in Davis
  • Gain and Lose 8 pounds
  • Gone to Tahiti
  • Find the most appreciation and love for my family, more than I’ve ever had before
  • Take more naps in these 6 months than in the past 2 years


Thank you so much for reading- I promise this is only the beginning of my journey. I’m just getting started 🙂

Lots of Love & Hope,


P.S. My shirt is from Chicnyc.com! They have a ton of super cute tees that I want. Get 70% with the code “herflection” at checkout 🙂


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